Yesterday I was watching Mr. Robot, caught my attention the different techniques I saw it, I also found many interesting things.

Ok, we start here,in the episode **Find Episode Name**, when Darlene start using SET (Social Engine Toolkit), which can be found at github and is always in active development.


If you see at the picture, you can see it is darlene using a RAT specifically RATTE Java Applet Attack (Remote Administration Tool Tommy Edition) This tool is placed on a USB with an autorun file 

cd Desktop/ ; wget --r --l 0



This is naice but when I make a Nmap I  take another surprise


sudo nmap --O --Pn


downloaded file (index.html)

But when i open the website and take a review of the HTML code i have a suprise. and HTML code

What other ester eggs we will have Mr. Robot?